Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fix Steaming Issues on iPad

iPad streaming issues are uncommon affecting only some portion of users. Small number of users experience problem connecting to the Wi-Fi Internet, while few users report reception problems. This article addresses possible solutions to streaming issues on iPad.

Possible Solutions:

·         Update Router Firmware
·         Use WPA and WPA2 Wireless Security
·         Adjust Screen Brightness and Renew IP
·         Reset Network Settings
·         Maximize Battery Life
·         Quit Apps and Force Reboot Device

Update Router Firmware

If you are having Wi-Fi connectivity issues with certain Wi-Fi networks, follow the procedure given below:

1)      Update Wi-Fi Router Firmware to the latest version available.
2)      Check the draft specification. If your router supports 802.11n, seek technical assistance in this regard.
3)      If you have third party Wi-Fi router, go to manufacturer’s website and get help updating router firmware.

Use WPA and WPA2 Wireless Security

After upgrading Wi-Fi router firmware if you are still encountering connectivity issues, you need to use WPA and WPA2 Wireless security.

1)      If WEP is used as security option on your Wi-Fi router, change it to WPA or WPA2.
2)      If your router is using WEP wireless security option, it could result in intermittent disconnection on your device that needs password retype. You should use WPA or WPA2 encryption protocol and are effective security options for wireless connectivity.

Adjust Screen Brightness and Renew IP

It could be a reason that your screen brightness is set to a lower level. Change screen brightness by applying steps given below:

1.       Go to settings.
2.       Tap Brightness and Wallpaper and increase the brightness by moving slider to the right.

You may need to renew IP if you are on larger wireless network. Follow the steps given below to renew IP.

1.       Go to Settings | Tap Wi-Fi.
2.       In Wi-Fi check the Wi-Fi network tap on it.
3.       Now tap Renew Lease.
4.       Turn off and ON Wi-Fi.

Reset Network Settings

If your videos are streaming slower, it could be due to poor Wi-Fi reception. In this case you need to reset network settings through steps given below:

1.       Go to Settings, tap General | Network | Wi-Fi.
2.       Tap arrow and on next screen tap “FORGET THIS NETWORK”.
3.       Rejoin the network which you have forgotten.

If you are still having problems, perform these steps:
1.       Go to Settings | General | Reset.
2.       Tap Reset Network Settings.
3.       Reboot your device (iPad).
4.       Connect to Wireless network.

Maximize Battery Life

Excessive usage of streaming can affect your iPad’s battery life. You can maximize the battery life through following workarounds:

Keep iPad away from heat: Don’t place your device in hot environment. Take it to some cool place.
Adjust Screen Brightness: Reduce the brightness of screen to some 30-40%.
Set an Auto-Lock: Settings your device to Auto-Lock would make big difference in battery life.
Use Airplane Mode: This mode is helpful in playing games and watching movies. This mode will turn OFF your wireless radio and Wi-Fi.
Change Mail Settings and Calendar Checking: Go to Settings | Mail, Contacts and Calendars and Tap on Fetch New Data. Change settings to minimum frequent checks.
Reduce Notifications: If you do not want the notifications on your screen. you need to turn off concerning feature. Go to Settings | Notifications.
Disable Bluetooth and Vibrate Feature: Disabling bluetooth and vibrate feature especially before playing games would save battery usage.  
Quit Apps and Force Reboot Device
Video streaming and all other applications in iOS slow down sometimes. If you are encountering the same problem, you need to quit these apps and forcefully reboot the device.

Quit Apps

To quit apps tap on Home Button twice and enter into the Task Switcher. Hold down the app you want to quit until it shows red “_” at the end of the icon. To manually quit an app, follow the steps given below:

1.       Hold Sleep/ Wake button and wait for a red slider.
2.       Do not slide red slider, just let go of Sleep/Wake Button.
3.       Tap Home button and app would forcefully quit.

Reboot iPad

Use sleep/wake button on the corner of the device to turn it off. Press Sleep/Wake button again to turn it ON.

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