Monday, December 10, 2012

In SEO go to War With Different Weapons

Modern wars are fought in different battlegrounds. The more advanced weapons an army has and the more trained it is to use these weapons when needed, the higher are chances it will win the war. The same is the case with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Businesses that have embraced web often rely on old-age SEO techniques to boost their website rankings. This used to work in past but now SEO has become perplexed. 

Here are some tips that any search ranking professional shall consider while trying to increase the visibility of his/her website:

Wars can not be won using a single type of weapon:

Consider a scenario: an army is launching an operation overseas. Will it go to war with guns only or will it take other weapons too? Everybody knows its answer! Unfortunately if you are into SEO and using a single weapon you are destined to doom. To fight like a champion it is time to adopt new techniques and learn how to use these techniques in your overall search marketing strategy. Gone are the days when search optimization experts relied on blog comments or directory submissions to boost rankings of websites. Today there has to be a diversity in link building process. Also it is the quality of link-building that matters now. If you are still creating links with a focus of achieving a certain scale, you might have to pay back. 

Search companies prefer democracy

One of the best things about search giants is that they prefer democracy over authoritarianism when it comes to showing search results. You must realize the importance of people power which is a new holy grail in search industry. To make your website more democratic have it reviewed by other relevant websites.  Press release and social media optimization can also do wonders for your website. 

These days Search Engines are always in search of ways to cut spam. One such move initiated recently by Google was to reduce the importance of anchor texts. Search Experts are gossiping about the possible usage of co-citation in the search ranking algorithm. Co-citation is basically a way to observe how a website or a certain web page has been cited in other websites. This can show a deep insight to the Search Engines which can display results in an unorthodox manner. Co-citation can significantly increase importance of content and remarkably reduce the anchor text over-usage. 

Each SEO effort must be done to create 'value-creating' content. 

If someone comes up with a simple formula for SEO it would be the value-creation through your content. If your content is creating value and you are spreading it to best possible places, you are becoming a good candidate to have your site ranked high in the major search engines. Some SEO companies might not reveal it in front of the businesses that creating valuable content is the major strategy in every SEO campaign and it can easily bypass other things done in optimization game. Biggest benefit of focusing on content is that it saves time and money. Valuable content is a goldmine which can itself generate lots of revenue for any business. 

SEO shall come second

While we agree that content can be written in a way that a very little need is there to do further search optimization for a given website but we must also realize that there is still a need to scientifically channelize your SEO efforts. If content comes first, SEO comes second. Clever experts are hard to beat and they can handle things in their own way based on their years of experimentation and experience. They are still relevant and can do an appreciable work to enhance search visibility of a website. 

For an online business entity looking to optimize a website 'structure' and 'on-page SEO' of the website must never be ignored. After building a right structure working content, social media and search engine optimization can definitely boost the rankings for a website. 

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