Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Clean Up MAC to Increase its Performance

Mac may run slow over a period of time. Basic tasks take longer time than expected, programs and games run slower and boot time is dramatically reduced. In such situation frustration takes place and it’s not surprising to see someone venting out his anger on Mac.

Well, there are several ways which can improve Mac performance. The performance can be improved by upgrading your hardware, scanning for malicious programs, uninstalling unneeded applications, clearing historical data, disabling login items and quitting unwanted tasks. Let us see how.

Upgrade your Hardware

There is no use wasting your time performing system maintenance tasks unless your hardware is up-to-date. Check out the frequency of your processor and other system configurations like RAM, hard disk and so on.

Scan for Malicious Programs

Malicious programs often hide themselves and download scripts & other content. In addition to making your Mac unsecure this actually affects the system performance. Hence scan for malicious programs and remove, if any.

Uninstall Unneeded Applications

Sometime scanning malicious programs does not help much. For optimum system performance one should free-up the disk space by uninstalling unneeded applications. They typically waste your hard disk space and Mac start running slow.

Here are the steps to clean up Mac easily and efficiently for faster Mac performance:

1. Open Finder.
2. Type the name of an application. For example: Skype
3. Start the search. If you want you can narrow the search to only specific folders on your hard disk.
4. Move the file/ folder of the particular application to Trash.

Clear Historical Data

Historical data includes the record of historical activities such as web history, saved form data, cookies and so on. Delete historical data and log files to clean up Mac easily and efficiently for faster Mac performance.

1. Hold down the Apple key in Safari.
2. Press Comma key.
3. A new dialog shall appear.
4. Click the Lock symbol under Security section.
5. Click Show Cookies.
6. Delete your cookies.
7. Then click Tools | Clear Private Data.
8. Check up Browsing History and click Clear button.

Disable Login Items

Login Items are programs running at the Mac startup interval. Load of several login items make Mac run slower and slower. Thus disable unneeded login items as below:

1. Click Preferences | Users and Groups.
2. Select Login Items.
3. Disable unneeded login items and apply the changes.

Quit Unwanted Tasks

Open Activity Monitor to get a list of all running processes. Quit unwanted tasks to speed up Mac computer:

1. Open Activity Monitor.
2. A list of all processes shall appear. If it doesn’t, please change My Processes to All Processes.
3. Then quit individual tasks.

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