Sunday, January 29, 2012

Troubleshoot Error 619

For some reasons your computer may show error 619 while trying to connect to the internet. Error description may pop up telling a connection to the remote computer could not be established thus the relevant port was closed. It’s basically a Virtual Private Network (VPN) error.

  • Delete Existing Adapter and Reconfigure the Settings
  • Turn your Antivirus & Firewall Programs Off
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files and Web History
  • Reboot the Client PC
  • Stop Additional VPN Clients Running in Background
Delete Existing Adapter and Reconfigure the Settings
The network adapter shown in the Network and Sharing Center may have technical problems. Delete it and re-setup the network configurations with the help of your internet service provider. To troubleshoot error 619, do the steps given below:

  1. Click Start, select Control Panel.
  2. Click Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center.
  3. There is a link called Change Adapter Settings displayed on the left hand side panel. Just click it.
  4. A new page will appear showing the list of all adapters plugged-in to the computer. Right click the active adapter and select Delete option. If asked for confirmation, continue the delete process.
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Make a phone call to the customer care department of your internet service provider and ask necessary steps to reinstall your network adapter.

Turn your Antivirus and Firewall Programs Off
Both the antivirus and firewall protections shall be turned off temporarily. Thereafter if you do not get error 619, then there’s must be conflict between these protections and your network connection. In such case, try switching to another product.

The disable option can be found in the system tray icon of your antivirus. In case of Windows Firewall, hit Start button, type Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and press ENTER. When it opens, right click the same from the left side panel and select Properties. Make it disabled and click OK. This will troubleshoot error 619.

Delete Temporary Internet Files and Web History
The temporary internet files, web history and web browser cache plays a significant role in the network connectivity of your computer. Due to corruption in any browser related files, you may start getting such error messages. To troubleshoot error 619, download a System Cleaner application and clean-up your computer.

Reboot the Client PC
May be rebooting your client computer works troubleshooting error 619. Do it and try establishing a new connection.

Stop Additional VPN Clients Running in Background
A single VPN Client should run for the smooth functioning of your computer. Otherwise you face couple of problems including error 619.
The suggestion is to check whether multiple VPN clients are running or not. If there are two or more clients running simultaneously, then stop all of them and keep only one VPN client running on your PC. Contact your ISP for more detailed information.
  1. Click Start, select Run. Type Services.msc and hit ENTER.
  2. If two or more VPN Clients are running, then right click and stop them.
  3. Close the window.

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