Saturday, December 31, 2011

CMOS Checksum Bad Error

A computer may fail to boot and display CMOS Checksum Bad Error Screen. Although this problem is very frustrating but there are different approaches to fix it. This article discusses the step-by-step procedures which are used to fix this problem.

  1. CMOS Battery is discharged
  2. CMOS Battery is not working properly
  3. BIOS Settings are improperly changed
  4. Last time the computer was not properly shut down
  5. Recent BIOS update was corrupt
  6. Problem with your RAM
  7. Problem with your Motherboard
CMOS Battery is Discharged
CMOS Checksum Bad Error may occur if the CMOS battery is discharged. Restart your computer to check whether the error still exists or not. If it exists, turn the computer off, open CPU Cabinet and replace the CMOS Battery.

CMOS Battery is Not Functioning Properly
The CMOS Battery installed on your motherboard may not be functioning properly. Replacing it will fix your problem.

BIOS Settings are Improperly Changed
BIOS stand for Basic Input Output System. If the BIOS settings are improperly changed, it may lead to CMOS Checksum Bad Error.

The solution is to reset the BIOS settings. First, press the Emergency Reboot button, then press Delete for a few time. Click the Exit menu and select Load Default Settings. Finally, select Save Changes and Exit to restart your computer.

Last Time the Computer was Not Properly Shut Down
CMOS Checksum Bad Error can encounter because of recent system crash with unexpected system reboot. Just rebooting your computer again can fix the problem.

Recent BIOS Update was Corrupt
If you have updated your BIOS recently it could be the reason behind CMOS Checksum Bad Error. Simply rollback the recent update and then restart your computer.

Problem with your RAM
Another reason behind CMOS Checksum Bad Error is faulty RAM. If you have a single RAM, then replace it. Otherwise if you have two or more RAMs, test them one by one individually. This strategy will help diagnosing your problem and identify the faulty RAM, if any.

Problem with your Motherboard
Your motherboard may be damaged. If it is not functioning properly, you may receive CMOS Checksum Bad Error. Consider replacing it.

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